The Park of the Grand Hotel Terme di Riolo

The Park of the Grand Hotel is a vast natural setting that surrounds the Terme di Riolo.

With its twelve hectares, the park extends into a splendid late nineteenth-century garden, up to a luxuriant wood, where the little Church of the Madonna della Salute, from the early twentieth century, stands.

A “dip” into nature

Twenty kilometers of paths wind through a fascinating succession of holm oaks, oaks, majestic cedars and other centenary specimens.

Among colorful St. John’s wort carpets and fragrant officinal bushes, in the Park you will also find a life path with 15 stations, for long and relaxing walks.

Grand Hotel Terme Riolo - Season 2022

Grand Hotel Terme Riolo reopen for season 2022 on April 16th. Enjoy Easter with us!

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The Management - Grand Hotel Terme Riolo