Flourishing panorama

The Grand Hotel is a historic site in the green Romagna hills of Riolo Terme, equidistant from the cities of Bologna, Ravenna and Florence.

Architectural wonders and natural landscapes leave no doubt about what you can see and admire during your stay.

In Riolo Terme there are also the famous gullies which, with their majestic chalky-sulphurous formation, are at the origin of the therapeutic waters and spring muds of the Terme di Riolo.

The Grand Hotel in Riolo Terme is the ideal base for discovering the Vena del Gesso Regional Park, which can be traveled on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback.


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Between medieval villages and small towns, animated by fun village festivals, you can hear the echo of ancient traditions and distant flavors, which bring the visitor back to simple and authentic dimensions.

Savor the boundless beauty of Riolo Terme, alone, in company or guided by expert speleologists.